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      Date: Jul 15

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America’s Promise Alliance and Juarez

Saturday, July 18

Earlier in the year, the Center for Promise and America’s Promise Alliance out of Boston University conducted research across the country on social, emotional, and cognitive learning. The Center for Promise reached out to Juarez because of our Competency-based education system. They visited our school and spent time speaking with our students about how learning happens at Juarez. 

America’s Promise Alliance just released their report, All of Who I Am. We are excited to be featured in the new report, which documents the features of learning environments like ours that intentionally integrate social, emotional and cognitive development. The new research highlights our work with students and underscores the importance of: 

  • Listening to young people

  • Creating cultures that support student belonging

  • Building adult capacity to share power with youth


Please see the full report and accompanying guide and check out the videos highlighting our students. 

For immediate distribution:


It is with great sadness and disbelief that we write this letter to address the needs of our Black/African American student population and their families. On Monday, May 25th, 2020, the life of George Floyd was senselessly taken by a member of the Minneapolis Police. In the last 24 hours, Minneapolis and cities across the United States have exploded in action seeking a dismantling of the system that time and time again demonstrates the inequities.


In the last couple weeks leading up to these events, we have seen a system that unjustly impacts and terrorizes communities of color, in particular the Black/AA family. When situations like this occur, one of the most tragic choices for us to make would be to stay silent. Silence means that we are complicit. Silence isn’t anti-racist. Silence equates to injustice.


The Juarez familia addresses you all to hereby condemn these acts of racism and violence. We proudly stand with the Black/AA community on this issue. Most importantly, we send our love and light to our Black/AA student population and to others feeling the impacts of the events unfolding. We express the importance of uniting and standing up for those that are no longer able to demand justice for themselves. We express the importance of brotherhood and sisterhood, as the situation continues to unfold. Your teachers, and staff members are here for you and offer solidarity. As Martin Luther King Jr. said “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” As the events unfold, we ask that you love those directly impacted by these events a little more. We ask that you use your light to drive out the darkness in the world. Our student body has always been quick to act in acts of injustice, and we hope that you use your most powerful tool: compassion, for others to drive out the evil we are seeing.


We stand with what is just and right, and we call on everyone to do the same. When we work together as a community, as one, we are unstoppable. Should you find yourself in need to discuss your emotions or your thoughts, please be aware that there are teachers and staff members on standby to listen. As the situation unfolds, continue to ask “What must be done?”  While there is no quick solution or answer, we want to promote unity and safety to anyone who wants to make their voice heard. However, if you decide to raise awareness to this issue, make sure you are practicing social distancing, wearing a mask, and looking out for one another.  We hope that our student body finds peace and comfort in these troubling times. Be sure that your feet are planted on the right side of history, and stand firm against any and all injustice.



With Love and Support,


Your Juarez Familia

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