How to Book our Theatre

The Benito Juarez Community Academy is available for rental to qualified organizations.


If you are interested in renting the theatre, please contact:

Aurelia Hernandez

773-534 7030 ext. 22724


All rental requests must be approved by the school administration and, if approved, a contract will be generated detailing hours and cost of rental. In addition, a valid 1 million dollar insurance umbrella policy must be submitted.  Total rental costs must be remitted before event curtain. Rental of the facilities include use of the green room, both dressing rooms, the shop with loading dock, lobby area with box office, plus all lighting and sound equipment. After an event has been approved for rental but before a contract is signed the theatre director will finalize the contract details regrading use of facility and production requirements.  All expendables such as lighting color media are the responsibility of the renting organization. A theatre supervisor must be present whenever an outside organization is on site. The theatre supervisor is there to assist but is not and cannot be expected to handle all technical aspects, especially of large production events. Depending on the type of show and anticipated audience additional technical, custodial, engineering, or security may be required of an outside organization and these will be stipulated in the contract. 


The theatre sound, light, and most soft goods can be moved as needed. All sound, light, and soft goods must be returned to stock positions. Any damages to sound, light or soft goods will be billed. The stage floor is black. If any part of the floor is painted an additional $400 will be added to the contract to cover the cost of restoring the floor.


The theatre is a beautiful 519 seat facility with excellent acoustics. The facility has an excellent range of sound and lighting equipment adequate for most productions. The staff is on site to ensure your production is as smooth and worry free as possible.


1450 - 1510 W. Cermak Rd.

Chicago, IL  60608

Phone: 773-534-7030

Fax: 773-534-7058

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