English Department Chairs:

Claudia Tinajero



The English department at Juarez believes that for students to experience success, whether in college or career, they must develop critical thinking and inquiry skills via reading, writing, and speech that will promote their productive contribution to the community of which they are a part.



Our Mission

The mission of the English department is to develop in each of our students the following skills: proficiency and confidence in reading, writing, and speech; the ability to communicate in a variety of ways for a variety of purposes; and habits of inquiry and critical thinking that will transfer to their adult lives. Along with these skills, the English department fosters an appreciation of literature by providing students with a variety of texts that bring to light new ideas and concepts, and thus, new opportunities to develop the vital skills necessary for college, career, or vocation.




Nicole Davoust

Rus Bass-Ehler 

Marialuisa Gonzalez  

Diana Guzman Morales

Alexandra Holland

Ann Howard

Don James

Kevin Kneip

Cindy Miller

Maria Solis

Marielle Tagle

Claudia Tinajero




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IB MYP English I

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IB DP Language & Literature

AP Language & Composition

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