Homebound Program

Home and Hospital Instruction Program

Our Home and Hospital Instruction Program (HHIP) provides access to continuous instruction, by a certified teacher, to all students whose academic programs are interrupted for 10 or more consecutive or intermittent school days due to a medical or psychiatric condition. 


Initial eligibility and the need for ongoing services must be documented by a licensed physician. The program is focused on keeping students on track and in contact with the attendance school, thus facilitating seamless reintegration back to school.



Steps to complete the process

  1. Contact the homebound coordinator, Mr. Lopez, as soon as you are aware that your child will be out for more than two weeks. 

  2. The medical form must be filled out by the treating physician.  The form must include a diagnosis and the estimated length of absence. To download form, click here

  3. Ensure that the completed medical form is delivered to Mr. Lopez as soon as possible.

  4. Expect the selected homebound teacher to begin providing instruction at home for an hour after school when school is in session, once all documents are approved. 

  5. Provide necessary documentation to the school when your son/daughter is ready to return.




Homebound instruction will begin as soon as the completed medical form is approved by the Home and Hospital Instructional Program. The physician will determine the timeframe for the student to participate in the Homebound program. For an extended time of absence, an updated medical referral will be required every one to three months, depending on the nature and extent of the child’s representing condition.  An updated psychiatric referral will be required every month.



The Role of the Homebound Teacher

Once the documents are approved, the homebound teacher will contact the parent before the initial visit.  The teacher will visit the student everyday that school is in session. The homebound teacher will be work collaboratively with the classroom teachers regarding assignments, progress and grades. The homebound teacher will provide academic work from all subject areas for an hour per day.  If instruction will take place at your home, it will begin after school hours. 



The Role of the Parent

Parents are responsible to initiate communication with the homebound coordinator when beginning the homebound process.  All documents must be submitted in a timely manner in order to avoid academic and attendance interruptions.  If instruction will take place in your home, please provide an adequate setting for the teacher to work with your son/daughter.



Homebound Coodinator:


Uvaldo Lopez



Office: 773-534-7061

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