Information Technology (IT)

Students in the Information Technology program use industry-recognized technology to create video games and websites. Students work in teams based on real-world IT roles, which helps them develop communication, problem-solving, teamwork, and project management skills; all useful in any career. Students also get to showcase their skills in competitions and to earn industry-recognized Adobe, Microsoft, and CIW certifications -- nice additions on résumés, and on college and scholarship applications.


IT Game Programming

Students in the Game Programming strand create 2D and 3D video games by developing interactive characters, backgrounds, story, sound, and programming using Fusion, Unity, Photoshop and Blender. These games can be ported to multiple platforms such as PC, iPhone, android, and xbox.


IT Web Development

Students in the Web Development strand learn to code web pages using HTML and CSS, create and edit graphics for their websites using Adobe Photoshop, and add interaction to their sites using JavaScript and Ruby on Rails.



Juarez IT Academy Students at Annual CTE Competition

Students in the IT Academy stole the show at the annual CTE competition in April! Juarez teams came in 1st and 2nd place in both Web Development and Gaming. The Web teams out-scored the competition, in part, by being the only teams to use advanced programming to create a database within each of their websites. Juarez was also honored with the grand prize of the event! The Gaming team of Eros Casas, Jose Aguilar, Rosa Antunez, Jesus Castillo, and Alex Valdes scored the most points across all the strands (Database, Networking, Web, and Gaming) to take home the "CTE Overall Winner" trophy. Teams are judged not only on the creativity and quality of their product (e.g., game or website), but also on documentation, presentation skills, and professionalism.


Pictured from left; CTE IT Program Manager Troy Williams, Eros Casas, Jesus Castillo, Rosa Antunez, Alex Valdes, and Jose Aguilar.


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