DIY Club Creates Beautiful Butterfly


In honor of the Latino Heritage Month assembly, the DIY Club has created a painting of a butterfly. The painting has been installed in the library.


We were inspired by the contemporary artist and activist Favianna Rodriguez. If you want to know more about Favianna and the Migration Is Beautiful campaign please check out this three part series by Voice of Art on youtube: 

Voice of Art: Migration is Beautiful, Pt. 1

Voice of Art: Migration is Beautiful, Pt. 2

Voice of Art: Migration is Beautiful, Pt. 3


For a short one minute video about the project, click here.


Also, click here for a Huffington Post article about the movement. 


We invite all staff and students to take a picture in front of the painting. We want to share our support for undocumented migrants and support for humane immigration policy.


Please share your pictures on your Instagram and Facebook accounts. 


Please use the following hashtags: #MigrationIsBeautiful #juarezartdept #juarezdreamsbig #soaringtonewheights #juarezdiyclub #faviannarodriguez


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