Scholarship Information

In addition to money available from the government, many students apply to and receive outside scholarships to help off-set the cost of college. There are many different scholarships out there, and qualifications vary for each one, so always make sure that you qualify before applying.


Big Name Scholarships

The following links will take you to very competitive national scholarships that have huge payoffs. Each has a unique application process. Many Juarez students have received these scholarships! See your counselor or college coach for more information.




CPS Scholarship Guide

Below you will find the link to CPS’s very-own scholarship guide. In addition to great information about financial aid more generally, the scholarship guide contains various scholarships organized by month. Information for each scholarship includes due date, contact information, website, and eligibility criteria.



Student Athlete

Below you will find the link for the NCAA eligibility center. If you are interested in playing sports in college at the competitive level, it’s important to be familiar with NCAA eligibility. Questions? See your counselor or college coach for more details.




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