Service Learning

Service Learning (SL) is a teaching and learning methodology that connects classroom curriculum with identified community issues and needs.


Service Learning engages students in projects that serve the community and build their social and academic capacities. 

Service Learning is a strategy, not an outcome. Service Learning is an opportunity for students to learn critical skills through project development, implementation, and reflection. By participating in high quality Service Learning experiences students learn the invaluable skill of being able to organize information, resources, and people in order to improve the community.


Components of Service Learning
In order to qualify for Service Learning credit, the service experience must include the following components: 



Students prepare for their service by learning about the issue of concern and developing an action plan for service.


Students engage in meaningful service by working on a project that will make a difference in their community and is tied to their course of studies.


Teachers enable students to analyze and make sense of their experience through discussion, journaling, and presentation opportunities.


What is the service learning graduation requirement?

The service learning graduation requirement involves the completion of two projects:

     * one project must be in Civics, and

     * one in another course.

What classes will include a service learning project?


All Civics classes will include a service learning project. Also, all social studies classes and all senior English classes. There may be other classes that include service learning within their curriculum as well. Be sure to participate in these class projects as they are graduation requirements.

What if I volunteer outside of school or with buildOn?

Does this count as service learning? Will this help me graduate?


Any service students do outside of the classroom is now considered "volunteer hours" (not Service Learning). As long as you report these hours to the service learning coach (Ms. Drew, or your counselors, they will appear on your transcripts. Colleges will see how many volunteer hours you have done and it can help your chances of being admitted to the college or receiving certain types of scholarships. Volunteer hours, while highly recommended, are NOT a graduation requirement.   


If buildOn works with your class on a service project that is part of the class, then it counts as service learning and that will help you graduate. In other words, it is part of the service learning graduation requirement.  


For more information about Service Learning at Juarez, please contact:


Andrea Drew

Service Learning Coach

Social Studies Teacher

Room 242


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