Service Learning FAQ

Q: How do I get started?


A: Service Learning opportunities are announced before and after school and students can get more information by reaching out to Ms. Drew. buildOn is a another great resource to get started.


If you have any questions whether your service learning opportunity meets the requirements, please see Ms. Drew,  Service Learning Coach.


Q: How are my hours recorded?


A: Hours are recorded in two different ways:


If you have completed your service learning hours outside of a school project, you must download the Independent Service Learning Project form found on the left hand side. Once you have completed the form and have reflected on your experience, you must attach a letter, on the organization’s letterhead, that indicates your role, the number of hours you volunteered and a signature of a supervisor and turn in the stapled packet to Ms.Drew. 


If you are working on a Service Learning Project with a teacher at Benito Juarez, the teacher will turn in a list of participants with the name of the project, date, and number of hours. All reflections must be given to the teacher in charge of the service-learning project. The Service Learning Project Class Report Form can be found on the left side.


Q: Is Service Learning a Requirement? 


A: Yes. In order to meet Chicago Public Schools' guidelines, students must complete a minimum of 3 projects, which can be completed either through classroom-integrated service-learning projects and/or individual service projects.  Students should spend at least 15 hours on each project.


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