Standardize Testing

The ACT and SAT are standardized college entrance exams that make up part of a comprehensive college application. The ACT and SAT exams test college readiness by measuring student performance on various content-specific areas such as English, Science, Reading, Mathematics, and Writing. ACT and SAT scores are one of many factors used to determine college admissions each application season. While the popularity of each test varies by region, students in the Midwest typically take the ACT. The ACT is accepted at most colleges and universities in the United States.


Here you will find helpful links to help prepare you for the ACT and SAT exams. Please see your counselors or college coaches for more in-depth information on either exam, or for information regarding Juarez specific testing policies.



Not including any ACT exams taken as part of Illinois state testing, all Juarez students are allowed 2 fee waivers when signing up for the ACT.


Students MUST complete registration in room 205.

Students cannot complete ACT registration at home.

Students can register after school Monday-Friday throughout the year until 5p.m.


Test dates for the ACT can be found here.


Test Preparation             

The following website provides an overview and

description of the ACT exam.  Click on sub-test headers

for a closer look at each part of the ACT. A full practice

test can also be found on the ACT student website.



The website below is another great breakdown of the ACT exam that involves a lot of reading, but it is a good resource for students that are motivated.



Khan academy has a free and comprehensive test prep course for the SAT. While the ACT and SAT differ in some respects, students can focus on material that overlaps between tests.



March to success is a free test prep solution provided by the U.S. army. This website is a no-strings-attached test-prep resource that includes flashcards and full-length practice tests.



“Whatever It Takes (WIT) is an organization at the University of Chicago that was founded in the fall of 2011. We aim to level the playing field in test prep by offering free ACT and SAT test prep courses to high school students in the Chicago area. Our courses last ten weeks and we offer a new set of courses each quarter.”




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