Juarez IT Academy held it’s annual Tech Fair in the library recently. The judges were students from UIC’s Society for Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) and the following former Juarez IT Academy web and game alumni: Jose Aguilar (‘15), Maria Angeles (‘14), Joshua Butler (‘16), Christopher Heaver(‘16), Karina Hernandez (‘15), Alondra Marillo (‘16), Christopher Napoles (‘14), Jesus Nunez (‘15), and Jasmine Roman (‘15). Many thanks to these alumni and to Jerry Smith and his group of UIC volunteers.



Team: Cow Chop

Description: An educational 3D video game,

called Disappeared, with a very engaging story set

during the Argentinian Dirty Wars about a stolen child,

named Allison, seeking to escape an orphanage to

reunite with her parents. The members are:


Lizbeth Perez - Project Manager, Programmer, & Artist

Annabell Bahena - Lead Programmer

Raul Palacios - Game Designer

Andrea Valenzuela - Lead Artist


Team: Period 10

Description: A website for a local business that's a student favorite. The team found out that even though Fran's has been around for a long time, they didn’t have a website, so they took matters into their own hands and made them one! The website can be viewed here.  The members are:


Jesus Perez - Project Leader/Coding Lead

Christian Perez - Coder

Elizabeth Perez - Technical Writing Lead

Teresa Carrillo - Technical Writer

Jonathan Novoa - Media Editor

Mateo Ortiz - Media Editor

Charlie Ruiz - Quality Assurance Specialist



Team: Mana Hungry

Description: An educational 3D video game, called Salem Witch Hunt, which teaches the player about that time period as the main character escapes the angry villagers.  The members are:


Oscar Pardina - Project Manager & Game Designer

Sean Carrillo - Programmer

Luis Chavez - Audio

Manuel Martinez - Lead Programmer

Julissa Sandoval  - Lead Artist



Team: ADA Lovelace

Description: An educational 2D game about the daughter of Lord Byron, Ada Lovelace, who was the first programmer (Yes, the first computer programmer was a woman!). The members are:


Alejandra Guerrero - Project Manager, Programmer, & Audio

Ailyce’ Jones - Lead Programmer & Artist


Team Name: Star Labs

Description: This is a website for another local favorite that doesn't already have a website. Members of the team interviewed the owners of Azucar Ice Cream, and they are very proud of the business they've built.


Evelyn Rodriguez - Project Leader / Media Editor

Raymundo Sanchez - Media Editor

Ebonie Thomas - Technical Writer

Abidan Santos - Coding Lead

Juan Garcia - Coder

Moises Batista - Coder



Team: Dem Boiz

Description: A game based on Doom and with the prodigious coding of Xavier Sandoval. This is the first time Juarez students ever created a game that allowed for weapon exchange and time stopping..


Benito Salgado  - Project Manager & Game Designer

Andrew Garcia - Lead Artist

Brandon Ramirez - Programmer & Artist

Xavier Sandoval - Lead Programmer & Artist




The first and second place senior teams of the Juarez Tech Fair advanced to the district-level competition held at Motorola Mobility in the Merchandise Mart.


Congratulations to the senior Gaming Team of Lizbeth Perez, Annabell Bahena, Raul Palacios, and Andrea Valenzuela of Cow Chop for coming in 2nd place out of 12 teams with their game Disappeared (described above).


Congratulations to the senior Web Team of Jesus Perez, Christian Perez, Elizabeth Perez, Teresa Carrillo, Jonathan Novoa, Mateo Ortiz, and Charlie Ruiz of team Period 10, for coming in 4th place with their website for Fran’s Beef.




The following students recently passed industry certifications.


Juniors who achieved their Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) certification in Photoshop:

  1. Brayan Ramirez

  2. Sergio Rangel-Garcia

  3. Xavier Sandoval

  4. Roberto Santana

  5. Cristian Zaragoza


Seniors who battled a serious case of senioritis in the last couple of weeks of school to achieve their Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) in Excel:

  1. Annabell Bahena

  2. Sean Carrillo

  3. Jordan Lowery

  4. Denise Navarrete

  5. Lizbeth Perez




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